• Image of Aluminum Kobra

There are two finishes currently available for the Aluminum Kobra!
Plain(Front and back) or Scaled (Front and back).
Which one will you pick?

3/8 Thick Aluminum
TWO - 1/4inch Hex Sockets
TWO - 5/16inch Hex Sockets
ONE - 3/8INCH Hex Socket
(Most common sizes for bits)
CNC Milled
Made in the USA
Mouth Bottle Opener

**Disclaimer: This is a Keychain Bottle Opener/Multi-tool. Any other use of the product is considered a misuse, resulting in the forfeiture of any express or implied warranty of fitness for purpose. By purchasing this product, you agree to hold the seller (KobraTools.us) unaccountable for any misuse of the product, which results in damage to yourself or third parties. It is explicitly the responsibility of YOU, the buyer, to know your local laws before ordering.**

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